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ABC Disposal offers comprehensive garbage collection and waste disposal company who has proudly served East Central Iowa for 37 years

Commercial Recycling



Customized Recyling Programs..

ABC Disposal will work with your business to form a customized recycling program that fits your commercial or industrial recycling needs. Our skilled professionals will help you create a regular and proper recycling plan that could help to lower your waste costs, and enhance your business image with your customers.

We provide our commercial business customers with a container for cardboard recycling. Commercial front load containers, range in size from 2 yards to 8 yards and when necessary, commercial rear load containers ranging in size from 2 yards to 6 yards. Commercial cardboard service is provided Monday - Friday, route specific. For larger industrial customers, we provide stationary compactors and bailers.

Commercial commingel recycling service is provided for those customers that have a little bit of everything. Items to be recycled include plastic bottles, cans, office paper, newspaper, catalogs, chip board and cardboard.

Providing our customers with containers for cardboard and commingling recyclign allows them to do their part in preserving the earth's natural resources as well position themselves in a positive light with their employees and customers. Request our services so that we can help you enhance your green policies within your company.